Electric cars have a significant part in climate work

Electric cars are an important part of the global effort to reduce the negative climate change we are dealing with today. They have a significant place in the process of limiting warming to below 2C or 1.5C, which would be in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Although there have recently been reports about the negative effect of electric cars on particles in the air thanks to the heavier weight compared to a petrol engine, electric cars have significantly lower emissions during their lifetime than conventional vehicles.

What prevents the market from completely switching to fossil-free Electric Cars. In addition to the fact that there is still a shortage of components, there is far too much uncertainty among potential customers about how and where they should charge their electric cars.

It is not enough that you can charge your car at home to fully cover the mobile freedom of a conventional petrol-powered car. As a car owner, you need to know that you can fill up your car regardless of whether you are on a camping trip, driving holiday in the Alps or just driving through several countries. Electric charging stations must become as common as regular gas stations. You should not need to contact the campsite before arrival to ensure that there are electric car chargers on site. It should be as obvious as a gas station. Here are new ev charging business. Why not all gas stations such as unmanned gas stations already provide electric car charging is a part that partly signals that we still primarily see diesel and gasoline as the most important product. Here, more companies must invest in electric charging. The power is already in place, it’s just the charger that needs to be there.

Ultra Fast EV Car Charge Station
Ultra Fast EV Car Charge Station

We cannot passively wait for someone else to do it. Dare to take the plunge and offer electric car drivers charging along the entire route. There are currently several eMobility partners who do a fantastic job.

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